Auto Parts Warranty

At Malahat Auto Parts, we offer a 6 month replacement warranty on all the parts we sell. This is a 6 month replacement warranty only. NO REFUNDS or CASH BACK. This warranty does not cover the cost of labour to have the parts re-installed.

Engine and Transmission Warranty

At Malahat Auto Parts, all of our engines and transmissions come with a standard 6 month parts and labour warranty. This is six months from the date of the original invoice. All labour is paid at $35 per hour at Mitchell shop rate. This is a 6 month replacement warranty only. No refunds or cash back. All engines and transmissions must be installed by a licensed mechanic, or the warranty becomes void.

Mechanical Parts Warranty

(Excluding Electrical parts) come with a standard 6 month replacement part warranty. If you buy a part and it fails, return it to one of our locations with your original invoice for a replacement at no cost to you. No Refunds or Cash Back. If you purchase a part that was not needed, return it to one of our locations with the original invoice, and we will issue you an in store credit towards other parts at a later date.

Electrical Warranty

6 months warranty on all electrical parts. This is an EXCHANGE ONLY WARRANTY no refunds or cash back. If you buy an electrical part and it fails, return it to one of our offices with your original invoice for a no questions asked replacement part.

No Refunds or cash back

This warranty is valid only to the purchaser of the part. The warranty is non-transferable. If any damage is discovered during the warranty period, the recycler must be informed immediately. All claims must be accompanied by the part and the original sales receipt.

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Warranties do not cover the loss of time, inconveniences, loss of vehicle, towing cost, and commercial loss or consequential damages.
Fluid, gaskets, seals, filters, hoses, or other materials and parts used in the installation process are not warrantied. These materials are also at buyer’s expense. Claims that result from overheating, accidents, abuse, neglect, alteration, or improper maintenance are not warrantied. Melting of heat tabs that were installed by the recycler is evidence of overheating. Damage caused by failure to maintain the vehicle is not covered. Buyer must have proof of oil change every 3-4 thousand miles. All parts must be marked with company’s original markings and stamps. Malahat Auto Parts reserves the right to repair, replace, or supply an in-store credit which will satisfy the obligation of this warranty. Any improper use, abuse (including but not limited to overheating or low oil in engines and transmissions), neglect, careless handling, damage done by improper installation or repairs, or removal of a part from the vehicle in which it was first installed after the purchase from Malahat Auto Parts, shall void this warranty.