Malahat Auto Parts Testimonials!

We have continued to provide many Victoria bodyshops, local garages, large retail repair facilities & more with quality used auto parts.

Advanced Collision Victoria

Advanced Collision:
We have used Malahat Auto Parts to help source used body panels, head lamp assemblies and other parts for many of our customer’s vehicles. This can help reduce the cost of the overall repair bill. This is especially true when customers are having their vehicle repaired when it is not part of an insurance claim. In many cases if the replacement part matches the color of the vehicle, priming and repainting may not be required. Again, this can greatly reduce the overall bill for some of our customers.

Craftsmen Collision

Craftsmen Collision:
We have been delighted to work with Malahat Auto Parts over the years, often sourcing a wide variety of used parts & body panels for some of our customer’s vehicles where required. Their knowledgeable staff allows us to spend less time on the phone sourcing parts, which in turn gives us more time to help and assist our own customers. We are always happy to recommend Malahat Auto Parts to friends, family & more.


Boyd Autobody & Glass:
As an Autobody repair shop located in Victoria, we have been working closely with Malahat Auto Parts for well over 10 years. In many cases we source new body panels, windshields, mirrors, head lamps and tail light assemblies. This can be a great advantage to our customers, as OEM parts may not always be available within a timely manner.

Superior Collision

Superior Collision:
Approximately 8 years ago was when we first began using Malahat Auto Parts for replacement parts for customer’s vehicles in some situations. Sometimes OEM parts are not readily available, or the customer is on a tighter budget. In these cases we have used the services of Malahat Auto Parts in order to locate additional parts / support brackets and body panels. We also have a great working relationship with them, as they can often time source the part we require, even if they don’t have it in stock.