About Malahat Auto Parts - Auto Wrecker location in Victoria

Malahat has been selling quality used auto parts for well over 30 years. At Malahat Auto Parts we carry a huge selection of Import and Domestic auto parts. With over 1500 cars in stock, it's easy to find the parts you need for your car or truck.

We specialize in all makes and models giving us the knowledge to serve you better. At Malahat Auto Parts we have the latest available computer technology in place so our sales staff can supply you with the parts you need quickly and accurately. There is no better place to go for all your used recycled auto parts needs.

CAREC was developed to ensure that recyclers have the most relevant information and tools to prevent hazardous materials contained in end-of-life vehicles (ELV) from contaminating water, land, and air during the vehicle recycling process. As part of our commitment to being a "Green" automotive recycler, Malahat Auto Parts has fully passed the latest CAREC audit, ensuring our facilities exceed the expecations set forth by CAREC guidlines. Find out more about CAREC.

Joining the Automotive Recyclers of Canada

We are extremely proud to be member of the automotive recyclers of Canada. What exactly does this entail?. By being a member of ARC, we uphold ourselves to a higher standard of selling and disposing of used parts and vehicles. We have strict quality guidelines for disposing of old fluids , batteries, scrap metals and other dangerous materials / fluids. It'a all part of a bigger picture, and that is to ensure we lead a Green example for all businesses.

Malahat Auto Parts - Trans Canada Hwy (Victoria)

232 trans canada hwy

Malahat, BC, V0R 2L0

Tel: (250) 478-4751

Toll Free: 1-800-663-8820

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